Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer VLog: First

Alright, here is my first vlog entry, which I recorded in bed. I must be in that lucid-sleep stage to be stupid enough to publish this post, but whatever. I'll deal with the backlash in the morning. Enjoy the rambling and incessant gum-chewing.


kalusudda said...

Hi Cute! :)

Gehan said...

lol... 15mins o running would make anyone nauseous if they havent been hitting da gym regularly :) welcome home..

i like the vlog idea, its kinda unique among da blogs i follow, but i dnt get why typing would make u emo....? either way, lookin forward to the next entries.. :)

laurenmonaco said...

awww! how cute and chaste and NOT LIKE ME ON A DATE preschool suri looks.

Roshana Vander Wall said...

Please Monaco, if I've taught you anything it's that you DON'T wear turtle necks on a date, even in -5C weather! And Suri, still sound a little clinically insane but I'd say it's part of your charm. ^.^

saintfallen said...

there's an insanely annoying background buzz that's just like
might wanna sort that out :P

The Jaywalker said...

i laughed out loud while watching this with my headphones on and my grandma thinks im nuts.

baby suri was adorable, i like the haircut, and lauren - you really should punch her for that one.

this made me miss you really bad. but maybe weekend trip?!?! i just got into singapore.

x jill

356books said...

Man, it's amazing how similar our speech patterns still are! XD

Also, I showed this to a friend and his comment was:

"It's weird, though, I would not have guessed you were remotely related."

Cue me having to explain why I refer to you as a cousin all the time.