Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer VLog: Featuring Stefhan!

As promised, the new VLog entry features my best friend Stefhan! We recorded this in the living room (we were supposed to tape in Barefoot, but the Sunday jazz session would've drowned out our magnificent commentary on life). We tried doing one long take, but that didn't work out too well with my Dad hovering around ("helicopter parenting") and Stefhan's phone ringing. There aren't enough cautionary words in the English language for this video. We're immature, we make wildly inappropriate jokes, and half the time we're laughing at ourselves. How do I function without this boy around?


Mike said...

I liked it a lot except I think the Sunday jazz session had more structure than what I just saw.

Roshana Vander Wall said...

Hahahaha! I'm gonna die that was hilarious! I love it! I forgot how funny you guys are when you're together! Ellen would be proud!